Thinking innovation again: what about mobility?

Thinking about hardware like laptops or PDA, about innovations like ebooks, and talking about in the street with a friend, i realised that lots of innovations in the future are going to be about mobility.

The point is that mobility comes with concentration: you’re moving in space, so you want to carry as few as you can. It comes with the fantasy of prothesis to our body – extensions of our brain. It points out the multiplication of devices doing everything: camera, music and video player, phone, calendar, clock, games, reading books… the success of the iPhone partly relies on this crave for a machine that you can carry around everywhere in order not to miss anything (even though some people prefer to keep several specific devices, thinking they will be more performant)

Mobility to me is a urge to “make the most” of any moment (work or relax in the tube, keep pictures or video memories); more than something to do with SPACE, it has something to do with TIME. Time than you can’t waste.

It could be linked as well to the previous post about getting organised and CENTRALIZING everything cause you’re a fragmented individual in a fragmented postmodern society.

Mobility is not even a matter of time over space: it’s also a matter of IDENTITY. 

Don’t know about you, but it makes me half excited and half anxious…


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