Private stories about how the Internet changed my life…

E-culture, for most of us, has a highly personal echo. I exercised myself in thinking of all the stuff that wouldn’t have happened without the internet.  Here it is:


I heard about the celsa searching the web with google (I wouldn’t be studying marketing, communication and new media without that)

I found my flat in paris with (bargain!)

I met my boyfriend in England with (cause he had put an add to rent a room in bournemouth where i was staying for erasmus). He moved in France with me. He found a job here with (from unemployed to earning thousands renovating flats for a  multimillionaire american couple!)

I’m browsing for companies for my next internship, and maybe next job, on the internet.

When I got a question, I almost always find an answer (as far as practical stuffs are concerned, and even sometimes for deeper musings)


We found a kitten with craiglist. She makes us laugh so much!

I’m going to spend one week in Djerba for cheap thanks to One year ago I spent one month in Vietnam just because I had seen a picture of the Halong bay on the net.

I experienced photo modeling with (i’m off now, but it was good fun)

I could attend english classes at home during the strikes with MSN

I didn’t pay for music or movies for years now (i know, it’s very bad; but I’m not really a heavy user  anyway)

I almost never use a pen anymore!


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