e-culture major innovation: getting organised in a postmodern world

Last post was about the Internet changed my life through little, sometimes insignificant details or events. It is already quite interesting to see how it’s pervading your intimacy. But having a look at the big picture, there’s probably a more profound way to understand the impact of eculture on society.

I realised, while reviewing best hardware, software or web-based app that e-culture was for me mainly about getting organised, putting things together, managing the many aspects of my “professional” and private life.

Postmodernity is mainly about fragmentation, between and inside individuals. Multilayered identity, hectic path of life, separated bubbles, networks and communities in which you never engage too much – cause it’s all about freedom, movement, changes, experiences, novelty, and collecting more and more pieces of life. Before it’s too late.

We rush for connections and collections. We’re ought to end up confused, involved in too many things, with too many people.

E-culture is both the cause of and the answer to this confusion.

Cause by “flatening” the world and opening unlimited possibilities of finding more things and more people;

Answer by empowering you with tools that help you managing this fragmented, full-on life.

Take social networking: managing your friends. Collaborative tools, from google docs to wikis: managing your team work. Mindmapping softwares: managing your thoughts. Personalised pages like netvibes or bookmarking sites: managing your resources. Mobile devices with more and more functions, wireless etc: managing anything anytime anywhere.

Just check out this article from mashable: 100 ways to organize your life

That’s something i love about e-culture: it can be poisoning, but always come with the antidote… hopefully.


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