Let’s Poll!

I was looking for nice features for the wiki, and i discovered a website that enable you to create quick and free polls (you don’t even have to register!) that people can answer on quimble site but that you can as well export anywhere, as I did on our wiki

then I found out that there were dozens of it! Here are two that might be better:

looks more advanced

offers also services to brands

see others on this blog

These tools are not only fun; they also reflect some features of the Internet as

– a place not only for information,but also for opinion

– a place where everybody can speak their minds

– a place where community asks questions to its members

– a place where to collect loads of qualitative or quantitative targeted data

A place where to speak or where to listen: a big conversation, a big party, with happy peer guests and opportunists spies…

with jokes, lies, all the biais of social strategy or careless anonymity, all the uncertainty of free speech.

The Internet enable consumers and citizens to talk more; but does what they say help companies and politics to understand them better? Is there a clever way to listen to the conversation?

(That’s my dissertation subject this year)


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