What is Google Doc good for?

Well, for anything you’re working on in group!

It can just for others people to check out the spelling or a few details on a doc you made, and correct it directly.

But it can as well be good for colleagues to each build up entire pages that others can see, in order to know what’s going on and be more consistent in the end. Or for a kind of “brainstorming” doc where you need different people to generate a maximum of ideas.

They’re 3 kinds of documents you can create, edit and share:

– document= classic text edition. Basic stuffs, spelling check and brainstorming.

– spreadsheet= table; i’m currently using it with a colleague to complete a list of books and articles regarding certain issues for http://www.nonfiction.fr.

– presentation= powerpoint! it sounds a brilliant idea as you’re genarally working as a team on a powerpoint. Problem is thtat editing is quite limited as compared to proper Office version. So good for a start, but the final version is bound to be made the old way… offline!

Google is not the only one to offer online collaborative applications (but definetly the best to me). Check a few others with this special mini-guide of Web Presentations And Online Slideshow Creation Tools from the excellent site 


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