How to… love netvibes

I tried to make a video on how I use Netvibes; it’s a first try (need to get used to the softwares for video screenshots and making, which are also mentionned in there: AllCapture and Windows movie maker)

Anyway the video is actually borring, but what is to keep in mind is that NETVIBES is a great great tool to put yourself together when you’re starting to be all over the web.

I used to use it just for RSS feeds, which is its first purpose. Then I realize i could also check my emails from my hotmail+yahoo+3 gmails accounts without having to login to each.

I also created thumbs for each of the stuff im working on, and have a page for each projects with the associated email box, to-do-list, bookmarks for associated wikis, google and ma.gnolia groups, and so on…

It thus became a platform for all my online presence. It’s now my home page, and I have all these great browsers (for words, images, videos, blogs… just select your favorites engines) also on same page.

Just at the point i was scattered around and spanning out, Netvibes not only re-mixed my web, but made it a clear place. It just changed my life.

Last but not least: they’re french!


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